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What we do

Some of the classes we have offered:

STEAM programming

         Egyptian pyramids (Art & Engineering

         African board games (Art & Math)

         Taino Rocks ( Art & Science)

Social-Emotional Art Programming

         Teaching with Trauma Informed Curriculum 

         Wellness and Recovery Programs

Arts Integration For Math and Literacy Achievement 

          Music and Poetry in Writing

          Using Measurement in Dance and Visual Arts

Traditional Folk Art, Music, Dance and Theatre 

         Congo (Haiti)

         Bomba (Puerto Rico)

         Tinikling (Philippines)

This program fulfills the following Illinois State Standards and more:

  • State Goal 25 : Students who meet the standard understand the sensory elements, organizational principles, and expressive qualities of the arts.

  • State Goal 26.A.4a: Analyze how resources, technologies and processes are combined to express meaning in dance and evaluate expressive content, stylistic differences and aspects of production.

  • State Goal 26.A.4c: Analyze ways in which musical sounds are produced and how they are used in composing, conducting and performing.

  • State Goal 26.B.4b: Create and Perform an ensemble drama or theatre scene using research, collaboration, characterization and staging in combination with aural and visual technologies.

  • State Goal 27.A.4a :Evaluate how consumer trends in art affect the types and styles of art products.

  • State Goal 16. A. 1a : Explain the difference between past, present, and future time: place themselves in time.

  • State Goal 16. A. 1c : Describe how people in different times and places viewed the world in different ways.

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